All CV services - whether you need an edit, refresh, or complete re-write - will be charged at a fixed price of £40 per CV in October 2017. 

Looking to get your CV updated by the end of the year? Considering changing jobs but haven't updated your CV for a while? Thinking of a complete career change and need a tailored CV? Or simply job hunting?

Send an email to: lauren@theartoftellingstories.com with your requirements now!

Fixed price applicable per CV. PayPal accepted.


The Art of Telling Stories is a freelance copywriting service specialising in CV writing, editing, and updating. Whether yours needs a quick proof read or a complete re-write, we can help.

Having a slick, up-to-date CV that is tailored to the role you wish to apply for is key to obtaining an interview. Unfortunately, so many of us fail to update them, or put irrelevant information that means your CV ends up on the slush pile. The Art of Telling Stories aims to help tell your story more effectively through your CV, giving you a stronger document that really showcases your skills and experience in a highly competitive job search.

If you would like a quote, please send an email to lauren@theartoftellingstories.com with your requirements, and you'll receive a reply within 48 hours.